listening to character songs

2p Canada & 2p Romano though, goodness. Adorable. <3

Hetaoni: Never Enter the Mansion

"How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die? I made them so many promises. But when we met again next, they had forgotten all about them."


jesus mario what is your damage

o_o  What game is this from??


Ah, little Canada smoking a pretzel stick :D

I had an urge to draw France, and then I wanted to draw him as a papa and as you can see I had conflicting feelings and this was the result

So Matthew, what exactly do you think of Mr. Bonnefry?


He’s the best!!!!

Oh no my heart.  ;w;


More Royal Bodyguard!AU. ;w;

Prince!Ivan is so precious. He’s dragging Yao to a festival right now cuz he’s never been allowed to go before.

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Gosh dang, this took a long time. But it’s a dynamite song.


Of all the nations in the world, Hungary can solve Rubik’s Cubes the fastest. That is because one of her citizens invented it, making her feel very proud.

However, she will scold anyone who cheats by removing the stickers.

 Basically meaning that Gil cheats constantly on Rubik’s Cubes just to get on her nerves.

If you could have one ship become canon, what pairing would it be? *laughs evilly and runs away*

Uggggh this is such a tough one with so many pairings to love and hell, just wanting more interaction between some characters period.  ;__;

My OTP’s a dead tie between UsUk & FrUk but I wouldn’t pick either because both of those pairs get plenty of character interaction throughout the series.

Oh my goodness this is so difficult…I think it’s between RoChu & ChuCan at the moment, even if Russia & China interact a lot. In my opinion China doesn’t get nearly enough screen time so having him be in a canon pairing would be wonderful. But Canada needs like 1000x more screen time as well…

So ChuCan I guess!!